Irish National Stud & Japanese Gardens’ Car Park

The extension to the car parking facilities at the National Stud and Japanese Gardens was undertaken as part of the mitigation scheme for the Kildare Town By Pass.  The landscape of Kildare and the retention of the majority of the mature trees was a priority for the scheme in addition to creating a distinct character to the approach to the National Stud and Japanese Gardens.  Murray & Associates, in conjunction with MJ Hallinan and Associates, oversaw the tree survey, design, planning stage and construction, which included implementation, management and maintenance plan for all hard and soft landscape external components.

Project Info.

  • Location: Kildare Town
  • Client: Kildare County Council / The National Stud
  • Year of Project: 2001
  • Project Management: Kildare County Council
  • Project Engineers: NRA Regional Design Office
  • Landscape Architect for the National Stud: MJ Hallinan & Associates