Kildare Village Phase 3

The Landscape elements for Kildare Village Phase 3 extends and refines the treatments used in the previous phases of the development.  In general, the hard landscape materials are of an extremely high quality and include granite, Irish quartzite and Irish limestone.  The streetscapes include high quality timber street furniture, planting beds and planting pots with seasonal bedding,


The proposed central plaza contains a sculptural piece, feature paving, and space for outdoor restaurant seating.  The plaza has a westerly and southerly aspect and is enclosed by buildings protecting the space from the prevailing winds, to ensure that it will have a pleasant microclimate, suited to outdoor dining.


The new entrance will be enhanced with a large, informal space enclosed with topiary and pleached lime trees (Tilia cordata or similar).  The space will be large enough for performances, events, markets and the like.  The design includes high quality street furniture and natural stone paving, with specimen Tulip trees.  The space will also provide a place for rest and relaxation.


The road access to the car park has had particular attention in the landscape design process in order to ensure that the car park and service area wall are softened and screened by planting.  Tall and thin, upright maple trees (Acer platanoides ‘Obelisk’) are positioned along the wall to create an avenue effect and the planting beds are filled with various evergreen topiary cones and spheres to create an interesting abstract pattern.  Hanging plants and the greenwall are contained in planters on the upper level of the car park and these will spill over the façade of the car park, creating flowering curtains and garlands over time and softening the façade.  The greenwall contains drifts of native and naturalised planting.  The car park is open to allow natural ventilation, so a low hedge is also proposed at ground level to screen the cars.


On the upper deck of the car park, a small orientation area is provided, with views of St. Bridget’s Church and tourist information.  In order to break up the car park in visual terns, eight openings were  left in the upper deck and white birch trees were planted at the lower level in the car park.  These will also have the benefit of ventilating and allowing natural light into the lower car park area.  From above, the crown of the trees will be visible and create a strong element of greening in the car park.  The tree species selected is a cultivar of the native Silver Birch, named ‘Tristis’.  It has an upright, graceful form with weeping branch tips and a strong canopy.