Knightsbridge Village – Barchester

General Concept and Approach
Knightsbridge Village is located on the Longmile Road in Trim, Co. Meath.  The development consists of select living environment ranging from care suites to apartments and bungalows.

The landscape design concept aimed to create usable, unique and stimulating external spaces that have a strong sense of space and place which cater for residents different needs.  An external environment that will conform to the practical requirements necessary for its users, focusing on accessibility, recreation, security, privacy and patient well being.

External spaces are enhanced by the creation of a visually appealing yet usable environment.  Focal points such as, lighting, water features, various sheltered seating areas, sculptural features, high quality paving materials, signage, furniture, native and distinctive plant specimens all complement and enhance the various communal gardens.

There are 5 principle external spaces associated with the care facility as well as the general approach, environs and settings.  The main spaces are two distinct courtyard gardens, one of which is primarily for patients with Alzheimer’s, a parkland garden, residential allotments and a bowling green / sports recreational areas.

Enclosed Courtyard Garden
The courtyard garden is designed to provide quality recreational space for the residents and other users of the facility.  Facilities include several seating areas, raised beds with sensory planting, circulatory paths through the spaces, sculptural elements/waterfeature and sand-based petanque bowls areas.

There are also several different ground surfaces (e.g. Buff coloured tar and chip, paving flags and reinforced grass and cobble setts).  Larger paved surfaces are also provided to allow for group activities outdoors when weather allows.  Petanque bowls courts and chess tables provide for gentle active recreation, suited to the elderly and people with limited mobility.

Raised and ground level beds are provided within the outdoor spaces with mixed shrub planting of aromatic, tactile and strong visual qualities. and can also be used by clients wishing to tend beds.  Views would not be obstructed, so the patients would be able to fully enjoy the visual amenity of the outdoor spaces from their rooms. The range of surface treatments proposed provides additional interest within the gardens spaces.

Demensia Garden
The proposed demensia garden was designed primarily for patients with Alzheimer’s.  A select landscape treatment was utilized in order to create a stimulating and safe ‘external room’ for users.  These areas can be used for exercise and the sensory shrubs and planting beds can aid in releasing tension and frustration in patients.  Circulatory paths guide users around the spaces while perimeter planting will screen any obvious barriers that may confuse users.  The garden provides spaces for reflection and privacy within a different social environment.  Sheltered seating areas with trailing plants, raised planters, sculptural elements and mixed surface treatments all aid in the usability and the scope for social interaction.

Parkland garden
The parkland garden for the proposed health care unit can be used by some patients and visitors primarily, the space is securely enclosed and accessible from the all residential units.  Facilities include a small playground, bandstand, pergolia, hedged maze, several seating areas a swale with marginal planting, specimen and ornamental planting as well as native parkland trees with circulatory paths linking the seating spaces.

An allotment garden / working garden for residents with raised and ground level planters, sheds and seating areas is situated to the North of the development and is fully accessible to all patients.

Bowling green
Within the development there was also the Construction of a 2 rink bowling green with a synthetic surface, this was built to a World Bowling Association Standard which enable patient to compete in tournaments with other clubs…  The bowling green is fully secure and wheelchair accessible.  Residents and visitors can watch the games within the sheltered seating area.  The bowling green opened in April 2008.

Project Info.

  • Location: Trim, Co. Meath
  • Client: Barchester Ireland
  • Size approx.: 12 Acres
  • Year of Project: 2006 - 2007

  • Project Team
  • Principal Landscape Architect: John Ward
  • Landscape Architect: Sarah McCullough

  • Team Members
  • Architecture: CCH Architects
  • Builders: P.J Hegarty & Sons