Newcastle Residential Development

The design provides for 406no. residential dwellings, representing Phase 1 of lands located to the south of Main Street at Newcastle South, Ballynakelly, Newcastle-Lyons, County Dublin.

The total area of the application is 16 hectares and covers four separate areas. There is a main development site to the south of Main Street, together with three infill sites consisting of Ballynakelly, Ballynakelly Rise and Ballynakelly Edge. 

The objective of the landscape strategy for the proposed development was to place the new residential and community facilities within a cohesive landscape that responds to and integrates the proposed development within the site. The landscape developments that are proposed are in accordance with the relevant Green Infrastructure policies of the South Dublin County Council Development Plan 2016 – 2022 and the Newcastle Local Area Plan 2012.

Hedgerow conservation and reinstatement was one the main objectives within the proposed development. The aim was to retain as much hedgerow as possible, and to reinstate them whenever it is possible, as required by the LAP.

The proposed development and associated open spaces are linked with a Greenway pedestrian/cycle network.

This network links existing developed areas to the east to the centre of Newcastle to the north through the new development, and in future will continue out to the existing roadway on the western side of Newcastle.  The proposed Greenway incorporates existing hedgerows where feasible and is separated from the proposed roadway system as much as possible.

Rainwater and water flows management will be dealt by infiltrating as much water as possible within the development area vicinity, as well as using a network of swales (existing & new ones).

The site layout proposal aims to create a unifying streetscape which is rich in detail and diverse in textural and spatial qualities, with open spaces and boundary planting lending a verdant and visually attractive atmosphere.  The open spaces are directly over-looked by dwellings, providing passive surveillance for safety. Within the open spaces there are areas for informal play, casual recreation and passive leisure. The quality of these spaces is enhanced by the inclusion of features such as, seating, paths, native planting and land-form, and the utilization of environmentally appropriate materials.

Project Info.

  • Location: Newcastle, Co. Dublin
  • Client: Cairn Homes
  • Size approx.: 16 hectares
  • Architect: MOLA Architecture
  • Status: Planning permission achieved in Dec. 2019

  • Credits: CGI views are by Model Works