Pipers Hill

Pipers Hill Mixed Use Development

The proposed development consisted of the construction and development of the following elements on a 266 acre site located in the east of County Kildare: 1. An Integrated Tourist Development/Leisure/Golf course. 2. Residential Development. 3. Educational Development. 4. Neighbourhood Services. 5. Nursing Home/Supervised Courtyard development. 6. Industrial/Information Business Park.

Landscape Proposals

The site at Pipers Hill contains a number of interesting ecological habitats, these existing wetland and woodland habitats provided the initial catalyst for the development of a general landscape proposal. The conservation of these habitats coupled with various council policies which relate to amenity, access, tourism and sustainability combined to form the landscape strategy. The opportunities afforded by the existing landscape have informed the proposed layout and this is most clearly demonstrated by the layout of the golf course which is orientated to minimise damage to existing hedgerows. The extension of the adjacent wetland and woodland habitats further emphasises the ecological value of the proposal. The creation of passive amenities around the perimeter of the site which improves access to both the rural landscape and local archeological features is a significant amenity resource. The creation of a high quality amenity area along the existing stream and the link which is proposed to the existing town park is an amenity that will benefit the town of Naas and the district as a whole. Class one and two open spaces throughout the residential area will also contribute to the amenity resource while the linear spaces which provide green connections between home, work, school and services ensure that the living environment is centered around concepts of quality amenity resources and sustainable living.

The Objectives

  • To propose a landscape masterplan which is primarily sensitive to and influenced by the extant landscape features of the site.
  • To identify opportunities and propose meaningful strategic improvements for the amenity resources of the site and of Naas town.
  • To provide a high quality amenity resource and living environment for the inhabitants of the new residential areas.
  • To provide and improve interconnections between the existing and proposed amenity resources, residential areas, community service areas educational areas and work areas.
  • To create an ecological conservation program which is based on the existing habitats within the site.
  • To explore methods for improving and creating new habitats.
  • To provide a high quality amenity resource for the region of County Kildare and for the wider provincial area, in the form of a Champion golf course.The Framework is based on three basic concepts. The conservation and improvement of species diversification within existing habitats. The accessibility of cultural and archeological features within the landscape as well as improved access to the rural landscape. The provision of high quality amenity spaces which form an integrated part of the general masterplan and provide attractive interconnections between the proposed and existing elements.The design of the objectives of conservation are achieved through the golf course layout, which was configured around the existing hedgerows and woodlands, as a consequence the destruction of habitats will be minimal and remediation measures will generally be effective immediately or within the short term. The extension of woodlands and hedgerows will further increase the ecological value of these wildlife corridors. The wetlands and lakes which are proposed for the low-lying areas will provide valuable habitats for local flora and fauna as well as increasing the amenity resource for the local communities. Accessibility to this improved ecological amenity is provided through a linear park which circumscribes the site as a walking track which occasionally becomes a boardwalk as it crosses wet ground or the proposed marshes. This linear park will connect to the large amenity area which is proposed for south of the residential development. This amenity area will also be connected via a proposed cycle/walking track to the existing Town Park in Naas. The various amenity spaces which are located within the residential area provide accessible public space for residents while connecting to the surrounding amenity areas.


Project Info.

  • Location: Naas, County Kildare
  • Client: Dermot Weld
  • Size approx.: 266 Acres
  • Year of Project: 2004

  • Project Team
  • Principal: Terry Murray
  • Landscape Architect: Mr. Peter Leonard
  • Assistant Landscape Architect: Mr. Colin Cooney

  • Team Members
  • Architects: Murray O'Laoire
  • Engineer: O'Connor Sutton Cronin
  • Planning Consultants: Kiaran O'Malley & Co.
  • Golf Course Architect: Jeff Howes