Rockbrook Estate

The Rockbrook site is 2.02 hectares in extent and is located to the north of Carmanhall Road in the Sandyford Business District. 

The development consists of 2 no. residential blocks ranging in height from 6-14 storeys comprising a total of 428 no. apartments (including all balconies, terraces and roof gardens) arranged around two courtyards; communal and public open spaces including two boulevards.

There are 4 no. ground floor retail units within the development, along with resident community uses and a crèche with outdoor play area. The development also includes revisions to the existing basement levels including car and bicycle parking provision with new vehicular access from Carmanhall Road.

Intensive green roofs are an important part of the development, together with changes in level, internal roads and pathways and pedestrian access points.

The proposed public spaces are to be used by residents, visitors and workers alike.

These public/communal spaces are not seen as definitively separate or enclosed elements. Rather, they can be allowed to run into each other. This subtle treatment of the open space still allows the entire landscape to be read as a single space while simultaneously giving a human sense of scale to the users. This is enhanced by the visual permeability of certain facades at ground floor.

The Urban Plaza has an open character, although enclosed by the urban block. This is to allow space for events, performances, and markets at various times of year, while still allowing for safe and accessible pedestrian movement through the site. The Boulevards are also open in character facilitating legible pedestrian movement yet have intimate seating areas and spaces addressing the uses of the building frontages.

The scale reduces somewhat in the Courtyards, allowing a more passive recreational uses, while still integrating with pedestrian movement through the development. Roof Terraces are for the use of residents. These smaller intimate spaces are protected from the elements, giving the opportunity for passive (and active) recreation all year round.

Project Info.

  • Location: Sandyford Business District, Dublin
  • Client: Ires Residential Properties
  • Size approx.: 2.02 hectares
  • Architect: TOT Architects
  • Status: Planning permission achieved in Aug. 2019