Santander Digital Hub

Irish Landscape Institute Awards 2020: Winner in Design (Overseas Project Category).

The project proposes to create an outstanding contemporary primary workplace for Santander equipped to support current and future demands of the contemporary workplace.

A balanced simplicity of design is brought to bear over the site.  Spaces are appropriately scaled, providing a similar feeling of comfort if you were in an intimate courtyard or in the wider public realm beyond. The spaces are designed for familiarity and as a counterpoint to the commercial role of the facility.

Site legibility is key within the public realm; guiding principles include: the movement of people, the opportunity to stop, and the integration of sub-spaces within a cohesive whole.

There are a range of courtyard and plaza spaces within the site. They share certain characteristics such as: defining various spaces for contemplation or conversation, providing a sheltered microclimate for the comfort of visitors, providing interest through seasonal planting and judicious use of materials, and providing clearly defined spaces and secure limits.

Project Info.

  • Location: Milton Keynes, UK
  • Client: Osbourne & Co.
  • Size approx.: 2.5 hectares
  • Architect: LOM Architecture and Design
  • Engineer: WSP
  • Status: Currently under construction

  • Credits: 3D and CGI views are by LOM Architecture and Design