St. Albans

The development at St. Albans was a two stage development. The first stage of the development entailed the development of townhouses and apartments to the rear of St. Albans.

The development is located within an urban sylvan setting which is unique to the midlands. The road has a historic association with the Barracks in Longford, and the large detatched houses located along the road are arranged in military rows along either side of this wide road.

The brief entailed the site planning of the access into the site, the design of a specific porous road surface which would not interfere with the root systems of the existing mature trees, and the detailing of all aspects of the open space within the development.

The resultant scheme is composed of a central green, with the townhouses and apartments arranged around this green space. The development has an uncomplicated, ordered arrangement. Scale is also of importance. From the main green area, a series of smaller scale green spaces were developed which gives the development an intimate scale.


Project Info.

  • Location: Battery Road, Longford
  • Client: Grealey Developments
  • Size approx.: 3 Ha.
  • Year of Project: 2002 - 2004

  • Project Team
  • Director: John Ward
  • Assistant Landscape Architect: Ms. Carol Donohue
  • Assistant Landscape Architect: Mr. John Montgomery

  • Team Members
  • Architects: Mr. Colum O'Broin & Assoc.