Cherrywood TC5 Residential Development

Murray & Associates were engaged by the largest land-owner in Cherrywood SDZ area to design the public and private open space in the TC5 Residential Development.

The proposed development comprises four new apartment blocks, together with two associated courtyards, pedestrian areas, shared surfaces, underground parking and landscaped spaces. The design intent for the public and private realms has been to create a high quality and dynamic landscape for residents, which will meet their passive recreational needs, create playful and interactive experience for children, and also provide an attractive visual setting and social amenity spaces. Site excavations in the past led to the discovery of an 18th-century army kitchen that belonged to Laughanstown’s Military Camp. The proposal for the residential development has included this historical reference in the landscape design.

Geometry is kept uncomplicated and intelligible through use of simple changes in level and elementary straight lines, thus keeping in harmony with the architecture and providing spaces that are easily ‘read’ and comfortable to be in.

Overall, the landscape proposals consist of:

  • Two internal courtyards constructed on the podium above the underground car park, with clear division of the rigid and geometric parts of the courtyard which includes paved pedestrian areas and modular block features along with soft landscape areas that comprise grass mounds, lawns and specimen and ornamental planting;
  • Private buffer gardens;
  • Rain gardens sequenced as stepped temporary rain pools with wetland margin planting and managing stormwater on site;
  • Boundary treatment with repetitive modular pattern using stepped blocks with planters, seating and podiums;
  • Shared Surface Plaza Walk, working as a link between Tully Vale Road and Grand Parade.

Project Info.

  • Location: Cherrywood, Dublin
  • Client: Hines
  • Size approx.: 15, 909 m²
  • Architect: Urban Agency
  • Status: Planning permission achieved in Jan. 2019

  • Credits: All CGI views shown are by Urban Agency.