Cherrywood TC6 Residential Development

The proposed scheme is situated in a prime location due to its proximity with Tully Park and comprises the construction of a new apartment and housing development and featuring a linear community garden and shared surface.

The main design challenge lies within the level difference along the site. Working with the site’s topography allowed for a variety of landscape elements to be introduced such as:

  • Linear Community Area;
  • Access Routes to Tully Park;
  • Rain Gardens;
  • Home Zone;
  • Private Gardens;
  • Living Green Wall.

Within the public realm, the new development opens a strong and direct connection to Cherrywood’s Green Infrastructure, especially in relation to Tully Park and surrounding links and greenways.

The linear community street, located at the centre of the site development, is constructed on the podium above the underground car park. It defines the relationship between the maisonette units to the north and apartment buildings to the south, with a series of own door accesses from the street.

The universal design aims to maximise play opportunities by using elements that will be integrated with the landscape design, specially within the courtyard. Such elements include modular / cubic features, functioning as stepping stones or seats, incorporated in recreation and relaxation areas.

Rain gardens are included throughout the site as a main landscape feature in the residential development. A linear design is incorporated on the internal courtyard, while a terracing rain garden runs along the stepped access in Bishop Street / Tully Park Direct Link. These features will collect rainwater and accommodate low to medium height planting while directing excess flow of water, providing efficient superficial drainage.

Project Info.

  • Location: Cherrywood, Dublin
  • Client: Hines
  • Size approx.: Approx. 3 hectares
  • Architect: McCrossan O'Rourke Manning Architects
  • Status: Planning permission achieved in Apr. 2019

  • Credits: All CGI views shown are by 3D Design Bureau.