Tigné Point, Malta

Tigné Point is a spectacularly situated coastal site, located on the north-eastern coast of Malta. The immediate context of Tigné Point is a contemporary mixed-use, residential and retail city quarter, which has been developed over the past decade or so. It also contains some important historical elements – Fort Tigné and the Garden Battery (which forms part of the site) were constructed in the 1790s and 1890s respectively. The fort and battery impart a historic character to the area.

The proposed site of Q3 / T15 is set within a network of interconnected and varied landscape spaces—Promenade, Garden Battery, Fort Tigné, Piazza Tigné, streetscapes and incidental spaces. This provides a rich experience for the users: heritage, retail, cafés/restaurants, leisure, sea, nature, etc.

The opening of the Garden Battery to the public and the construction of the proposed Spider Bridge opens the landscape further and provide a network of interlinked routes.

The primary intent is to create a strong sense of place for the development, whilst enhancing biodiversity, visual interest and creating a memorable and unique set of spaces for both visitors and residents to use.

Planting of native coastal trees, such as Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) is proposed to provide a structure to the promenade and improve shelter from the coastal winds for the proposed gardens. This, together with a dynamic and varied frontage which will include a variety of plants, will add texture and colour to the space, along with a reflection of the changing seasons. Hard Landscape materials used reflect materials in the adjacent Pjazza Tigné and wider Tigné Point area to ensure continuity of public realm. Feature materials have been introduced to ensure spaces are legible and reflect the prominence of the space in question. A water wall is proposed at the western access of the battery, west of the bridge, to create a dynamic and refreshing backdrop to the battery.  

Project Info.

  • Location: Tigné Point, Malta
  • Client: MIDI plc.
  • Architect: LOM Architecture and Design
  • Engineer: CS / CNM

  • Credits: 3D and CGI views are by LOM Architecture and Design