Tullamore Town Park

The town park is located in an important strategic position within the town with entrances from Main Street and Cormac Street. Despite this central location, the park was effectively hidden from the town, due to over-mature trees and narrow entrances. In order to remedy this situation and to enhance the streetscape, formal plazas connect with the street and invite people into the park.

The original layout of the park used informal curves and meandering paths. The framework for the new design introduces a contemporary rectilinear approach which contrasts with and adds emphasis to the retained curved elements. The shift from informal to formal will also reinforce the character of the areas within the park, with the areas of intense use and increased human – park interaction having a formal and robust layout, while the naturalistic areas are informal in design.   The new main axis cuts through the park.

Within the park, intervisibility was an issue, due to excessive tree cover and poor management over the years.  Two approaches were implemented to improve the visibility within the park. Firstly, the understorey of the existing tree groves was removed and crowns lifted. Secondly, ‘corridors’ were cut through the trees. The corridors through the trees will also increase the spatial and visual diversity within the park, adding new routes and vistas.  These two strategies increase visibility within the park making it a safer place, while retaining the natural character of the park and introducing exciting new spaces.

As part of the redesign of the park, additional features and amenities are incorporated. This will increase the uses and activities that the park accommodates, resulting in an increased number of people in the park. The new features include a water plaza, sculpture garden, performance space, several plaza spaces, terraced earthworks, new walking routes and a number of sports amenities, including a skate park, an all-weather pitch, three grassed pitches, bowling green and fitness trail.

Project Info.

  • Location: Tullamore
  • Client: Tullamore Town Council
  • Size approx.: 5 Ha.
  • Year of Project: 2005 - 2008

  • Project Team
  • Director: John Ward
  • Director: Mark Boyle

  • Team Members
  • Project Engineer: Mr Farhan Nasiem
  • Consulting Engineer: Kilgallon & Partners
  • Main Contractor: SAP Landscapes
  • Bowling Green: TCCI
  • Water Feature: NJ Power & Co.