Whitestown Way

The landscape proposal consists of roof garden, internal site layouts and upgrading existing junction.

First Floor Roof Garden

The purpose of the roof garden is to provide four courtyards of different size and character which will serve to unite and link all these spaces into an attractive, pleasant recreational amenity for the development. The balconies and roof gardens have been configured to avoid any overlooking of adjoining residences. The building mass will step back from the southern edges of the buildings, thereby reducing the perceived scale of the building.

The landscape elements will include a serpentine water channel as a major focal point enhanced by paving, grass areas, earth sculpture and plantings of trees, shrubs and hedging. In addition, a children’s play area will be provided for a crèche and serve as a useful open space for outdoors-desultory play activities.

Proposed improvement of existing Junction

(Whitestown Way / Tallaght Bypass) has been formulated to create a background for both pedestrian and vehicular users of the area. The pedestrian experience shall be one of calm and movement through a pleasant high quality environment. The pavement areas are shielded acoustically and visually from the road to negate the impact from the volume of traffic passing. This creates an individual pedestrian environment in this urban setting that serves as a transitional space with very individual characteristics and sense of place.

All the incorporate features combine to form a richly designed landmark landscape gateway feature. They complement and actively enhance the development of this area both spatially and aesthetically creating a dynamic place to interact.

Project Info.

  • Location: Junction of Whitestown Way and Tallaght Bypass, Dublin 23
  • Client: Flag Properties
  • Size approx.: Total developed site 3.24ha included 8750m2 roof garden
  • Year of Project: 2003 - 2004

  • Project Team
  • Principal: Mr. Terry Murray
  • Landscape Architect: Ms. Kasia Kalczynska

  • Team Members
  • Architects: Robinson Keefe Devane
  • Visualisation: Robinson Keefe Devane
  • Engineering: ARUP Consulting Engineers
  • Engineering: Roughan & O'Donovan
  • Engineering: RN Murphy Consulting Engineers